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You have stumbled across what we hope will be a gathering place for everyone who loves air cooled cars. We don't discriminate here- whether you adore the Citroen 2CV, the BMW Isetta, the Porsche 911, the Fiat 500, or the Tatra T613, this is the place to talk about your passion.

This site is obviously under heavy construction- we hope you'll keep checking back to see what progress we've made. In the meantime, check in to the discussion board and start talking about Air Cooled Cars!  I'd like to start using the forum as a place to decide what direction to take the site in, so don't be shy!

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Shameless self-serving plea

Do you have a 2CV for sale?

Ideally I'd like to find a car that's currently driveable and that would pass a typical safety inspection, but I'll entertain just about anything - I'm not looking for a show car.  Reasonable proximity to the Ottawa, Canada area would be a plus, as would a car that's on the road and plated in Quebec ;)

At any rate, if you have a 2CV for sale, please email me at aircooledcars@sympatico.ca and let me know what you have.  And as always, feel free to say hi on the message board and let me know what areas of discussion you'd like to see.  Thanks, and here's hoping my future 2CV is sitting in your garage/barn/shed/pool.   No, scratch that, not pool.  

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