air cooled, but not a car…

So, I never found the right 2CV for me this summer, and since it’s starting to get cold I guess that means I’ll be scaling down the search for the winter months (and maybe shopping in Europe again!).  If there was an up side to this sad development, it’s that I did have the time to spend with my other air cooled vehicle-  my bicycle, which has come to be called “Bluecy”…  like Blue-Lucy.  She has to be one of the best buys of my life.  I won’t cheapen her by telling everyone what I paid;  suffice it to say that my cycling shorts cost more, and they were on sale :)

I had a couple minor goals this summer with my biking.  First, and probably most importantly, was to try to lose a few of those extra winter pounds.  Second was to try to hit some kind of arbitrary mileage goal, just to make it interesting.  I decided 1000km sounded good, so I set off in May to see how far I could go. 

We had a great summer weather-wise, and in August I hit my 1000km mark and there was still plenty of good riding weather in sight, so I decided to try for 1600km, or 1000 miles for those of us who still measure distances in body parts.  I hit 1000 miles at the beginning of October, and the good weather has still been holding, so as of yesterday I just passed 1800km.   Maybe I’ll hit 2000km by the time the snow falls ;)

All credit for this goes to the Blue Beast-  not a single failure or breakdown in 1800km.  For those of you who are curious, it’s a circa 1990 Norco hybrid, cromoly frame and Shimano 200GS group-  apparently she had covered less than 100km by the time I found her.  I just added a computer, a water bottle cage, and kept the running gear lubed. 

Oh yeah, and I managed to lose 25 pounds too!   Here’s a tribute pic to my blue air cooled bike.

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